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Changes to the Lieberman’s Line

October 16, 2009

We’re making some key changes to the line of art prints carried by Lieberman’s and wanted to make sure our customers were aware of these changes.  In summary, there are three areas of change that are occurring.  1) Lieberman’s will be stocking much more product in house which will be available for same day shipping. 2) While we will continue to carry the entire collection of prints for many publishers we deal with, others we will now only be carrying a subset of their offering, however this subset will be stocked in house for same day shipping.  3) Some publishers will be dropped from the line.

In particular, as of Friday 10/23/09, we will no longer be carrying Bruce Teleky or Image Conscious.  We will continue to accept orders for these publishers through the end of the day on 10/23 but will not be able to fulfill any orders from these vendors that may come in past that time.  Online customers should remove these items from your databases as soon as possible.

As these are fairly significant changes, I thought I’d provide some background and insight into our reasoning for going this path.  Traditionally, Lieberman’s has operated as a wholesale consolidator, combining about 100 different art publishers together into a one-stop solution to buy art prints at wholesale from all 100 of these vendors while paying a single freight cost.  As many of you know, this is accomplished by Lieberman’s placing “just in time” orders with all 100 of these vendors every day or every other day (depending on the vendor) to consolidate these orders in our warehouse and then ship them out to customers.  However the industry has changed over the past few years making the consolidation model very challenging to be able to fulfill these orders in a way that is satisfactory to our customers.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the percentage of items ordered which have been found to be out of stock, either temporarily or permanently, has increased to an unacceptable level.  We rely on the publishers to tell us when items are not available.  While we do get and promptly process discontinued updates from many publishers, they simply aren’t comprehensive or timely enough to keep on top of the growing number of temporary out of stock conditions that exist with many publishers.  Further, the turnaround time from our vendors has in many cases significantly increased as many have reduced staff, making our orders take longer to fulfill.

All of this makes our job nearly impossible to carry out in a way which our customers are happy with.  This level of out of stock conditions and the turnaround time simply doesn’t work for retailers (our customers), especially online retailers.  Many of you have told us how unacceptable these problems are, and we agree.  The only real solution is to stock a considerable amount of inventory in house, and make some tough decisions with our vendors.  The changes we’re making will result in dramatically improved turnaround time, and dramatically reduced number of items found to be out of stock.  While there may be some prints that we won’t carry going forward, for the vast majority that we will continue to carry we’ll be able to do a much better job servicing our customers.

Some of you who have been ordering from Liebermans for decades may wonder how to view Lieberman’s in the industry given these operational changes.  I think the simplest way to look at Lieberman’s is as the single largest wholesale supplier of art prints.  I believe the “One Stop, No Minimum” value proposition Lieberman’s has built a business on still rings true.  No other vendor in the industry offers a selection anywhere near as deep as what we carry, which all ships together with one freight charge, and offers no minimum order requirements.  In part what we’re doing is adapting and responding to changes that have already happened in the industry.  Printed catalogs are far less common from publishers than they used to be, and many in circulation are quite old.  Considering the rate of turnover in what product is available, and the ubiquity of the Internet, we encourage our customers to use our website,, as an online and always up-to-date catalog of our offering.

While we feel these changes are necessary in order to run this business effectively, we are sensitive to your concerns and will value any feedback we receive.  Also, realize that this is a work in progress.  We can’t conquer these issues overnight but will be stocking heavily over the next couple months and you should gradually see the turnaround time and out of stock situation improve.  If you are an online customer, we strongly encourage you to process the data feed daily to capture all of these changes in your database.  For traditional customers, the website will always be updated with the most recent changes.

Doug Kerwin


Metaverse Corporation, DBA Lieberman’s

Tru Vue museum glass now available

July 1, 2009

Online retailers powered by Lieberman’s Framing API now have a premium glazing option available to them which is not yet offered elsewhere online – Museum Glass by Tru Vue.  Museum glass is essentially the highest grade glass available for framed art anywhere.  Admittedly, the product is a bit pricey but if promoted properly it can significantly increase your average order value.  It truly is a high end product and Tru Vue has been extremely successful selling this through its network of brick and mortar retailers.  Our goal is to market this effectively to try to reproduce some level of that same success online.

If you are on our private label platform, your online frame shop already has museum glass as an option on the glazings tab.  If you are on our datafeed and API platform, this is a new glazing type which you can access and add to your frame shop.  Museum glass is available on items 20″ x 24″ and smaller.

For brick and mortar customers, Tru Vue is also offering a free in store display to help you promote this in your store.  For more information, see:

Framing API now available

March 23, 2009

We are pleased to introduce our framing service to Lieberman’s online customers.  Lieberman’s does its own custom framing in our NJ warehouse, and offers a comprehensive API for site developers to integrate these framing services into their websites.  The API is provided through SOAP Web Services and handles the hardest aspects of developing your custom frameshop – the aspect ratio correct image previews of the artwork with the selected moulding and mat configuration, and the pricing calculation.  It also provides the list of available mouldings, mats, glazings, and cropping options.

Information on the Framing API is available on our developer site at:

This includes a demo of a simple frameshop built on this API as well as example source code to that demo.  Currently this source code is provided in VB/ASP form.  An ASP.NET/C# version will be available soon.  You’ll see that the source code to the front end of the frameshop is fairly light as the hard work is done on our servers in the web methods called in the Framing API.  The API requires that you have a valid web service credential, which is necessary to call any functions in the Lieberman’s API.

If you are currently offering framing services on your website and outsourcing that to a third party to do the framing we’d ask that you consider evaluating Lieberman’s to fill this need.  There are several advantages we can provide:

  1. The quality of the framing is very high
  2. We believe we can offer more competitive rates on the cost of the framing
  3. Save on shipping your prints out to a third party for framing
  4. Get orders to your customers quicker as they can be framed on site
  5. Offer your customers a better user interface and experience in your online frameshop.

In particular, we can help improve your online frameshop in the area of preview images.  The API outputs high quality images, which display high resolution scans of the mouldings on the artwork in the preview images, and an image with the correct aspect ratio of the size of the print and the size of the moulding and matting.  Additionally, the image preview takes care of cropping the borders off images when cropping is selected.

A couple clients have been using the version 1 of the Framing API for some time now however before we announced its availability to everyone, we wanted to refine the API, provide documentation and sample source code, which has now all been done.  If you’d like to start using the Framing API and allow Lieberman’s to process your framed orders, please contact Katie Ferron at 800-221-1032 for pricing information.  For information on upgrading from V1 to V2 of the Framing API, please contact

Now shipping with FedEx

November 12, 2008

As of Wednesday November 5th, we are now using FedEx for all shipments instead of DHL.  The wheels have been in motion on this switch for some time now and the decision was driven both by our customers feedback on DHL’s service as well as the changes DHL is making in the US market.  Additionally, FedEx ground service delivers on Saturday’s to resedential addresses which is an improvement for our online customers.

Data Feed Fixes

October 27, 2008

Some initial client use revealed a few minor issues with the data feed.  We have just rolled out a fix to both the server API and the DFClient sample application.  Items fixed are:

  • Artist last name and first name are no longer reversed
  • Image download fix in MD5 hash
  • Image download fix for new images created within the last 24 hours
  • Image thumbnails file size fix (was generating PNG instead of JPG)

You will need to re-download the baseline to get the artist first name / last name fix.

You will need to download a new version of the DFClient executable and/or source code in order to access the data feed.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  If any further issues are found, we will resolve them as soon as possible and post a fix.

You can download an updated version of the data feed client at:

If you have started downloading images, you can resume that process by running the command again.  It will only download images that are new or changed from the last time you ran it.  Also the first version of the DFClient was generating thumbnails that were a large filesize.  This has been fixed for future downloads.  So that you do not have to re-download any images that you’ve already retrieved, you can delete the contents of your thumbs sub-directories and use this command parameter to regenerate the thumbnails:
dfclient.exe –regenallthumbs –imagespath:<root path>

Many New Releases for Online Customers

October 24, 2008

Two long awaited items – the new data feed and the new web services for placing orders and checking order status – are now ready for use.   As both of these items and several upcoming features require technical documentation, we have also launched the Lieberman’s Developer Resource website.

New Data Feed:

New Web Services API:

New Developer Site:

The new data feed includes many enhancements including access to our inventory levels, enabling you to highlight items on your website which are available for same day shipping.  The developer site will be a work in progress.  Currently there is only documentation for the API in general and the data feed, more to come.

Some Publisher Changes

September 29, 2008

The following list of publishers have all been dropped from the Lieberman’s collection.  For traditional clients, items from these publishers are no longer available effective immediately.  Online customers will be able to purchase prints from these publishers until October 7th, however should update their databases immediately with this change.

Why have we done this?  It is unfortunate that we have to reduce the number of pieces of art we carry, however in order for us to provide a high level of service, we must enforce a certain level of minimum requirements for publishers.  This includes providing accurate product and image data, timely discontinued items lists, and quick turnaround time.  In some cases, there just wasn’t enough volume to justify the daily inbound shipping, or for us to make the investment to fix their data for them.  We don’t believe this reduction will materially affect our clients ability to compete.  Additionally, we are working with new sources to add to our collection, which will be coming soon.

The below list of publishers are now removed from the Lieberman’s collection:

Amazing Art Images
Ariel Press USA
Artique (Bon Art)
Door Center Publishing
Global Prints
Jadei Graphics
Mercurius Art Publishing
Motion Imaging Inc
Mystic Seaport Wholesale
Re Society (S2 Art Group)
Schiftan Inc.
The Time Factory
Things Graphics Fine Art
Wild Art Group
Aquarius NMR
Axelle Fine arts
Tom Sierak Fine Art
Somerset House Publishing
Campus Images/Landmark P
SAI/Sports Art Inc.
Pure Country Weavers
Museum Editions West
Mitchell Beja
New Era Fine Art Publishing
Marco Fine Arts
Hot Stuff Enterprise LLC
H and H Art Gallery
Grand Image, LTD.
Fazzino Art/Museum Edition
EAW Group
Digital Vista
Creative Art Editions
Cheyne Walk Limted
Aura Editions

New Data Feed

August 28, 2008

We understand that it has been some time and our online customers need to have a fresh data load to include new items.  This is as important to us as it is to you and we apologize for the delay in getting this out.  We anticipate a new data load will be available within 2 months.  Our immediate focus is on our operations as we’ve recently integrated Lieberman’s data and fulfillment to the Metaverse technology platform and shipping from our NJ facility, which is necessary to ensure all orders get out the door as quickly as possible and things run smoothly.

The new data feed will contain many new posters including the following:

Trends International
We currently stock about half the Trends line, meaning it can ship the same day it is ordered.  We are in the process of stocking the remainder of the line, which should be available by the time we have the new data load to you.

Photofile (8×10’s) (16×20’s)
Photofile is a very large collection of sports photography, printed on very high quality photographic paper.  We receive weekly updates from Photofile with shots from recent events.  The publisher offers their prints in both 8×10 and 16×20 sizes.  We have this listed as two publishers only due to our internal purchase order system as we need to purchase these sizes in different orders.  We stock thousands of the 8×10’s in our NJ warehouse while the 16×20’s are print on demand and are ordered separately.

Racing Reflections
NASCAR and Racing photos, all in stock for same day ship.

Jaguar Educational
Educational and motivational prints.  Great for the classroom, all in stock for same day ship.

Gallery of Champions
A unique collection of sports photography focused mostly on golf, horse racing, and boxing.  Photos of Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and more.  All different content than what is provided from Photofile.

Buy EnLarge (Small prints) (Large prints)
A large, unique, collection of vintage posters.  In particular, a collection of “vintage humor” reproductions.

Motion Imaging
A small collection of sports posters.  These prints are all 3D “Motion Lenticular” prints, a printing method that creates an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.  A very cool product.

The Time Factory
A limited collection of NASCAR and motivational posters.

Pyramid Posters
While Lieberman’s currently carries Pyramid America for their fine-art line, and a small portion of the posters in their poster line, we’re adding a lot of new movie and entertainment posters that weren’t previously available through Lieberman’s from this publisher.  All in stock for same day shipping.

We are in the process of adding a couple new publishers as well which should be up within a month.

In the meantime, this is all available for sale on  If you really want to get some of this content up on your website prior to us providing a formal data feed, you can take the content from and manually add to your website, these items all can be ordered today through your automated email ordering.

New Data Format

Be aware that the next data feed will be in an entirely new format from how it was previously distributed.  We are trying to improve the service and offer better ways to describe the content and categorization, as well as provide a better delivery mechanism for faster updates.  As a result of this the format of the data needs to change.  This means that you will have to rewrite your code which processes the data feeds into your database for your website.  While we understand this creates work for you and you may be less than excited about the prospect of rewriting your data load code initially, it will bring benefits for us all going forward.  Once we nail down a format, we will distribute this prior to the data feed coming out to give you as much advance notice as possible on how to prepare for this.

Rest assured that we want you to have this new content as much as you’d like to add it to your website.  Please bear with us in the meantime.

Lieberman’s Blog Launch

August 28, 2008

By now many of you are aware that Metaverse Corporation, the parent company of, acquired Lieberman’s back in March.  We haven’t yet made an official public announcement about the acquisition, rather we wanted to take some time to demonstrate that the new ownership is on your side as much as the Lieberman’s were.  We’ve spoken with many of you but apologize we were not able to reach out to everyone.

We have recently completed the integration of the two companies and are now running all operations on the Metaverse technology platform.  Prints are now shipping from the New Jersey facility while the canvas transfer operation, customer service, and business development will remain in Massachusetts.

We’re launching this new blog as a communication tool in order to keep our clients informed of what’s going on and upcoming changes.  One thing we want to make clear is our commitment to Lieberman’s customers, both the traditional brick and mortar retailers as well as online retailers.  The wholesale channel is very important to our strategy and will have the lion’s share of our focus moving forward.  We have some exciting plans to improve and expand the offering and have the resources necessary to see these plans through to fruition.  We’re anxious to unveil these improvements and further empower our clients to compete and grow their businesses, both online and off.  Some of the first areas we intend to focus on are including new publishers of movie and entertainment posters, quicker turnaround time due to inventory stocking, and more accurate, comprehensive data, delivered to you faster.

In the meantime, we realize the IT transition from the old Lieberman’s systems to our new systems hasn’t been entirely without a hitch and has affected some customers.  To transition a 30 year old company’s operations to a new environment in the span of four months was a tall order and like any such transition we experienced a few glitches at first.  Thanks to a lot of hard work by our employees in both Massachusetts and New Jersey, the biggest challenges are behind us.  We appreciate your understanding, value your business, and commit to providing a service level even higher than the quality you have come to expect from Lieberman’s over the past years.

Doug Kerwin
Founder and President, Metaverse Corporation