Data Feed Fixes


Some initial client use revealed a few minor issues with the data feed.  We have just rolled out a fix to both the server API and the DFClient sample application.  Items fixed are:

  • Artist last name and first name are no longer reversed
  • Image download fix in MD5 hash
  • Image download fix for new images created within the last 24 hours
  • Image thumbnails file size fix (was generating PNG instead of JPG)

You will need to re-download the baseline to get the artist first name / last name fix.

You will need to download a new version of the DFClient executable and/or source code in order to access the data feed.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  If any further issues are found, we will resolve them as soon as possible and post a fix.

You can download an updated version of the data feed client at:

If you have started downloading images, you can resume that process by running the command again.  It will only download images that are new or changed from the last time you ran it.  Also the first version of the DFClient was generating thumbnails that were a large filesize.  This has been fixed for future downloads.  So that you do not have to re-download any images that you’ve already retrieved, you can delete the contents of your thumbs sub-directories and use this command parameter to regenerate the thumbnails:
dfclient.exe –regenallthumbs –imagespath:<root path>

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