Tru Vue museum glass now available


Online retailers powered by Lieberman’s Framing API now have a premium glazing option available to them which is not yet offered elsewhere online – Museum Glass by Tru Vue.  Museum glass is essentially the highest grade glass available for framed art anywhere.  Admittedly, the product is a bit pricey but if promoted properly it can significantly increase your average order value.  It truly is a high end product and Tru Vue has been extremely successful selling this through its network of brick and mortar retailers.  Our goal is to market this effectively to try to reproduce some level of that same success online.

If you are on our private label platform, your online frame shop already has museum glass as an option on the glazings tab.  If you are on our datafeed and API platform, this is a new glazing type which you can access and add to your frame shop.  Museum glass is available on items 20″ x 24″ and smaller.

For brick and mortar customers, Tru Vue is also offering a free in store display to help you promote this in your store.  For more information, see:

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