Some Publisher Changes


The following list of publishers have all been dropped from the Lieberman’s collection.  For traditional clients, items from these publishers are no longer available effective immediately.  Online customers will be able to purchase prints from these publishers until October 7th, however should update their databases immediately with this change.

Why have we done this?  It is unfortunate that we have to reduce the number of pieces of art we carry, however in order for us to provide a high level of service, we must enforce a certain level of minimum requirements for publishers.  This includes providing accurate product and image data, timely discontinued items lists, and quick turnaround time.  In some cases, there just wasn’t enough volume to justify the daily inbound shipping, or for us to make the investment to fix their data for them.  We don’t believe this reduction will materially affect our clients ability to compete.  Additionally, we are working with new sources to add to our collection, which will be coming soon.

The below list of publishers are now removed from the Lieberman’s collection:

Amazing Art Images
Ariel Press USA
Artique (Bon Art)
Door Center Publishing
Global Prints
Jadei Graphics
Mercurius Art Publishing
Motion Imaging Inc
Mystic Seaport Wholesale
Re Society (S2 Art Group)
Schiftan Inc.
The Time Factory
Things Graphics Fine Art
Wild Art Group
Aquarius NMR
Axelle Fine arts
Tom Sierak Fine Art
Somerset House Publishing
Campus Images/Landmark P
SAI/Sports Art Inc.
Pure Country Weavers
Museum Editions West
Mitchell Beja
New Era Fine Art Publishing
Marco Fine Arts
Hot Stuff Enterprise LLC
H and H Art Gallery
Grand Image, LTD.
Fazzino Art/Museum Edition
EAW Group
Digital Vista
Creative Art Editions
Cheyne Walk Limted
Aura Editions

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