Lieberman’s Blog Launch


By now many of you are aware that Metaverse Corporation, the parent company of, acquired Lieberman’s back in March.  We haven’t yet made an official public announcement about the acquisition, rather we wanted to take some time to demonstrate that the new ownership is on your side as much as the Lieberman’s were.  We’ve spoken with many of you but apologize we were not able to reach out to everyone.

We have recently completed the integration of the two companies and are now running all operations on the Metaverse technology platform.  Prints are now shipping from the New Jersey facility while the canvas transfer operation, customer service, and business development will remain in Massachusetts.

We’re launching this new blog as a communication tool in order to keep our clients informed of what’s going on and upcoming changes.  One thing we want to make clear is our commitment to Lieberman’s customers, both the traditional brick and mortar retailers as well as online retailers.  The wholesale channel is very important to our strategy and will have the lion’s share of our focus moving forward.  We have some exciting plans to improve and expand the offering and have the resources necessary to see these plans through to fruition.  We’re anxious to unveil these improvements and further empower our clients to compete and grow their businesses, both online and off.  Some of the first areas we intend to focus on are including new publishers of movie and entertainment posters, quicker turnaround time due to inventory stocking, and more accurate, comprehensive data, delivered to you faster.

In the meantime, we realize the IT transition from the old Lieberman’s systems to our new systems hasn’t been entirely without a hitch and has affected some customers.  To transition a 30 year old company’s operations to a new environment in the span of four months was a tall order and like any such transition we experienced a few glitches at first.  Thanks to a lot of hard work by our employees in both Massachusetts and New Jersey, the biggest challenges are behind us.  We appreciate your understanding, value your business, and commit to providing a service level even higher than the quality you have come to expect from Lieberman’s over the past years.

Doug Kerwin
Founder and President, Metaverse Corporation

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