Framing API now available


We are pleased to introduce our framing service to Lieberman’s online customers.  Lieberman’s does its own custom framing in our NJ warehouse, and offers a comprehensive API for site developers to integrate these framing services into their websites.  The API is provided through SOAP Web Services and handles the hardest aspects of developing your custom frameshop – the aspect ratio correct image previews of the artwork with the selected moulding and mat configuration, and the pricing calculation.  It also provides the list of available mouldings, mats, glazings, and cropping options.

Information on the Framing API is available on our developer site at:

This includes a demo of a simple frameshop built on this API as well as example source code to that demo.  Currently this source code is provided in VB/ASP form.  An ASP.NET/C# version will be available soon.  You’ll see that the source code to the front end of the frameshop is fairly light as the hard work is done on our servers in the web methods called in the Framing API.  The API requires that you have a valid web service credential, which is necessary to call any functions in the Lieberman’s API.

If you are currently offering framing services on your website and outsourcing that to a third party to do the framing we’d ask that you consider evaluating Lieberman’s to fill this need.  There are several advantages we can provide:

  1. The quality of the framing is very high
  2. We believe we can offer more competitive rates on the cost of the framing
  3. Save on shipping your prints out to a third party for framing
  4. Get orders to your customers quicker as they can be framed on site
  5. Offer your customers a better user interface and experience in your online frameshop.

In particular, we can help improve your online frameshop in the area of preview images.  The API outputs high quality images, which display high resolution scans of the mouldings on the artwork in the preview images, and an image with the correct aspect ratio of the size of the print and the size of the moulding and matting.  Additionally, the image preview takes care of cropping the borders off images when cropping is selected.

A couple clients have been using the version 1 of the Framing API for some time now however before we announced its availability to everyone, we wanted to refine the API, provide documentation and sample source code, which has now all been done.  If you’d like to start using the Framing API and allow Lieberman’s to process your framed orders, please contact Katie Ferron at 800-221-1032 for pricing information.  For information on upgrading from V1 to V2 of the Framing API, please contact

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