New Data Feed


We understand that it has been some time and our online customers need to have a fresh data load to include new items.  This is as important to us as it is to you and we apologize for the delay in getting this out.  We anticipate a new data load will be available within 2 months.  Our immediate focus is on our operations as we’ve recently integrated Lieberman’s data and fulfillment to the Metaverse technology platform and shipping from our NJ facility, which is necessary to ensure all orders get out the door as quickly as possible and things run smoothly.

The new data feed will contain many new posters including the following:

Trends International
We currently stock about half the Trends line, meaning it can ship the same day it is ordered.  We are in the process of stocking the remainder of the line, which should be available by the time we have the new data load to you.

Photofile (8×10’s) (16×20’s)
Photofile is a very large collection of sports photography, printed on very high quality photographic paper.  We receive weekly updates from Photofile with shots from recent events.  The publisher offers their prints in both 8×10 and 16×20 sizes.  We have this listed as two publishers only due to our internal purchase order system as we need to purchase these sizes in different orders.  We stock thousands of the 8×10’s in our NJ warehouse while the 16×20’s are print on demand and are ordered separately.

Racing Reflections
NASCAR and Racing photos, all in stock for same day ship.

Jaguar Educational
Educational and motivational prints.  Great for the classroom, all in stock for same day ship.

Gallery of Champions
A unique collection of sports photography focused mostly on golf, horse racing, and boxing.  Photos of Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and more.  All different content than what is provided from Photofile.

Buy EnLarge (Small prints) (Large prints)
A large, unique, collection of vintage posters.  In particular, a collection of “vintage humor” reproductions.

Motion Imaging
A small collection of sports posters.  These prints are all 3D “Motion Lenticular” prints, a printing method that creates an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.  A very cool product.

The Time Factory
A limited collection of NASCAR and motivational posters.

Pyramid Posters
While Lieberman’s currently carries Pyramid America for their fine-art line, and a small portion of the posters in their poster line, we’re adding a lot of new movie and entertainment posters that weren’t previously available through Lieberman’s from this publisher.  All in stock for same day shipping.

We are in the process of adding a couple new publishers as well which should be up within a month.

In the meantime, this is all available for sale on  If you really want to get some of this content up on your website prior to us providing a formal data feed, you can take the content from and manually add to your website, these items all can be ordered today through your automated email ordering.

New Data Format

Be aware that the next data feed will be in an entirely new format from how it was previously distributed.  We are trying to improve the service and offer better ways to describe the content and categorization, as well as provide a better delivery mechanism for faster updates.  As a result of this the format of the data needs to change.  This means that you will have to rewrite your code which processes the data feeds into your database for your website.  While we understand this creates work for you and you may be less than excited about the prospect of rewriting your data load code initially, it will bring benefits for us all going forward.  Once we nail down a format, we will distribute this prior to the data feed coming out to give you as much advance notice as possible on how to prepare for this.

Rest assured that we want you to have this new content as much as you’d like to add it to your website.  Please bear with us in the meantime.

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