Five Reasons to Decorate Your Office With the Colors of 2016


This year, we have not just one but two colors of the year—serenity blue and rose quartz. These two colors complement each other wonderfully, and they have a soothing effect, which can contribute to a healthy and inspiring office environment. Here are five reasons why you should incorporate serenity blue and rose quartz into your office this year.
1. Pastel Colors Such As These Make A Room Brighter.
Pastel colors can be used to brighten your office space. This is especially an advantage if you have low ceilings or few windows; when you have limited access to natural light; consider using pastel colors to increase brightness without relying solely on fluorescent lights. However, if you have pastel-colored walls, make sure that the furniture color does not jar with the wall color. An overly dramatic contrast, such as pale pink and black, can be unsettling; choose gray or something softer than black to set off the rose quartz in your office.


rosequartzserentiy2 copy

2. Light Colors Make A Room Seem More Spacious.
In addition to brightening, pastel colors can make a room feel more spacious. Even if you don’t have the freedom or the resources to repaint the walls in your office, you can easily add a piece of artwork that will brighten and inspire you. For inspiration, browse the art selection at and filter results by color.

3. Serenity Blue, In Particular, Has A Soothing Effect.
With serenity in the name of the color, how could it not be a tranquil color? Colors that we see in nature, such as green and blue, have a calming effect. For this reason, serenity blue is an ideal color for a high-paced, potentially stressful office environment. Many paintings by Monet, such as “Waterlilies” and “Venice Palazza da Mula,” combine a palette of blues and pinks with an Impressionistic style to create a tranquil mood.

4. Rose Quartz And Serenity Blue Can Increase Creativity.
An environment that sets the mind at ease can also encourage creativity. Whether your work involves artistic expression, conflict resolution, or problem solving, creativity is always a valuable asset. Soft colors relax the mind, which opens it to creativity. Pastel walls are ideal for displaying artwork. Bear in mind, however, that contrast is important. If you have pastel walls, choose artwork with bolder colors. If your walls are not pastel, try to find artwork with serenity blue and rose quartz, such as Loren Soderberg’s “Lake Reflection,” to incorporate the colors of 2016 into your office décor.

5. Pastel Colors Contribute To A Positive Working Environment.
For certain professions, such as counseling, openness is crucial, but all businesses need to earn their clients’ trust, and colleagues should be able to trust each other. Pastel colors set people at ease, which makes them more open. In general, blue characterizes dependability and security, and pink is a calming color. As pastel shades of these colors, serenity blue and rose quartz are powerful tools to subtly evoke trust in your workplace. While you work hard to serve clients and colleagues every day, let Lieberman’s help you enhance your work with a soothing and inspiring environment.

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