Martin Luther King: Inspirational Words For The Workplace


When you’re at the tail end of a long workday and just need one final burst of inspiration to get that assignment done, nothing quite does the job like Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes. A staple figure in the Civil Rights Movement, King influenced countless others with his charisma, drive, and expressiveness before being assassinated at the young age of 39. Surrounding yourself with these deeply inspiring art pieces will give you the motivation you need on even your most tiring days.

Although all of these prints feature King’s words, they differ in presentation. Featuring both realistic and stylistic elements, some include only words against a plain background, others create graphics around the words to make the words the focal point, and still others place the words over a photo of King, with the photo contents being the focal point. Based on whatever inspires you the most about MLK—his likeness, his words, or artwork inspired by his words—you can choose something from this variety that speaks to you and makes your productivity boom at work.


MLK Photos With Speech Excerpts

People often remember other people by faces, and King’s face is one we will never forget. Sample these photos with text overlay for a maximal effect of his power. By offering Martin Luther King alongside his words, these prints remind us who said these words and, by doing so, enables us to picture him saying these words. Invite King into your life by hanging him on your wall, and it’s almost as if he’s speaking directly to you.

Check out “King: I Have a Dream” by anonymous for words from his most well known speech, as well as an image of King giving this speech. Large bold text at the upper right corner reads “I Have A Dream,” with smaller text under it offering a longer excerpt. Ideal for detail-oriented people who admire the complexity of a longer quote, this print has enough content to truly bring King and his message back to life in an office or cubicle.

“King: Free At Last” by anonymous offers a simpler, more memorable quote with a photo of King looking off in the distant, more hopeful future. Only three words long, “Free at Last” can easily become a mantra to people who are working on a tight deadline and looking forward to reprieve.

MLK Quotes With Graphics

If you were alive when Dr. King was shot, a photo of him in his prime may bring more sadness than inspiration. Quotes with graphics instead of photos can allow people to take a step back and enjoy his words for their power alone.

For patriotic flair, take a look at Caitlyn Dundon’s “I Have A Dream” which places King’s words from that speech in an American flag among the red and white stripes. This piece combines Civil Rights with the image of a free America, treating all races equally. Idealists or even cynics who need a bit of hope will get a powerful reminder of how much hope and hard work will accomplish with this beautiful print.

Bring the energy of a great individual into your office with this MLK-inspired art, and let his perseverance inspire you to considerable heights.

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