Thanks For The Giving, Thanksgiving!


Americans love Thanksgiving it is the official “kick off” of the holiday season, with Black Friday coming at the heals of our great feast on turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest. Americans decorate their houses with all of the traditional fares, but what about our places of work or offices; we should spread the cheer and bring that to our workplace. With some thought and inspiration we can transform our office into a harvest tradition. There are many brilliant and thoughtful art pieces that you can use to transform your office or lobby into a festive place to sit and enjoy the sights of this great season.

Thank You by Design Turnpike

Thank You by Design Turnpike

Autumn Art

There are many ideas that you can use to decorate your office or your lobby to show your festive creativity. You can choose from many wonderful and warm paintings of autumn art, such as “Rooster Harvest” showing he abundance of the fall harvest surrounding the rooster in his coop. Or the “Bright Autumn Day II” with its warm and inviting orange and yellow leaves still waiting to fall from the trees. With its sweeping vista views, it is sure to bring a smile to all that see it.

Words of encouragement and wisdom are always appreciated and with “Give Thanks” you can help your customers usher in this wonderful fall season and the anticipated Thanksgiving feast. They are also a nice way to let your patrons know that you enjoy Thanksgiving as much as they do.

Autumn art

Fall Forest I by Silvia Vassileva

Food Art

Food is central to our Thanksgiving with the feast composing of many delicious and exquisitely planned dishes and desserts. Grace Pullen’s “Buon Appetito” is a smart choice for your office with the classic yet understated design, it is sure to fit in with your office decor without overpowering. Of course, what dinner would be complete without turkey? Adding a tasteful painting of a turkey to your wall, you can enshrine the notable guest of honor. A tasteful art piece can add class to your office or waiting room.

Pumpkins And Candles by Gordon Semmens

Pumpkins And Candles by Gordon Semmens

Pumpkin Art

A universal image, the pumpkin, in all its delicious glory has come to symbolize both Halloween and Thanksgiving, in contrasting ways, with the Halloween pumpkin as a scary mascot, while the Thanksgiving pumpkin as a warm harvest staple, and with Diane Ulmer Pedersen’s “Pumpkin” your office will come alive with the Thanksgiving spirit and make your customers feel relaxed and at home.

So whatever your choices are for your office or lobby make sure you visit the deep and rich selection at to find all your choices with the vast array of Thanksgiving art available to find a painting that will match your regular decor and enhance it with the charm and warmth of Thanksgiving. Putting your patrons in the festive mood will give them a lasting impression of you and your company showing that you care about them and the seasons that change around them.

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