Art For 3 Popular Offices


An office space doesn’t have to be drabbed and colorless. An office should cultivate creativity, focus, and a stress free environment, all the more reason for it to pop with colors and artwork that express the mood and feel of the office space. For the modern office, bold and abstract pieces of art convey a contemporary feel. For the old world office, antiqued styled maps make for the perfect conversation piece. A more serene office calls for artwork that evokes a peaceful and stress free atmosphere.


The Modern Office

The modern office has a style that is fresh and forward and calls for a feel of bright and confident artwork.  Bold abstract pieces add a sense of drama to the modern office, while fun pop art pieces create a playful atmosphere. “Sunset Falls II” by John Butler borders the modern and contemporary feel. Paired well with dark wood and clean lines, the rainbow streaks evoke the feeling of coloring bleeding and running together in the rain. For a pop of art that is fun and fresh with a youthful feel, “USA Modern Blue” by Michael Mullan is fresh take on the map of the United States. With every state done in bold typographic letters, it makes for the perfect addition to the modern office.


The Old World Office

Antiqued style artwork helps to convey an old world feel into an office. It is the perfect atmosphere for a law office or history professor. Mixed with dark woods and old leather bound books, an antique styled map makes for the perfect focal point in an old world styled office. “Map of the World, c.15oo’s (antique style)” by Mercator Gerhardt is an antique styled map that looks as if it has been around the world, guiding an expedition as it travels to the farthest reaches of the world. The print “Bill of Rights (Document)” by artist unknown, is a wonderful print document that adds a bit of historical intrigue to an old world styled office.


The Serene Office

An office that is going for a serene and peaceful atmosphere requires art that is gentle and calming. A stress free environment can be cultivated through the gentle flow of artwork. Scenes of quiet natural landscapes are soothing to the eye as well as soft abstract art in muted colors that are not harsh to look at eye. “Water Tree” by Moises Levy is a placid scene that evokes the feelings of peace and serenity. A black and white photograph, the picture allows your mind to rest as it observes the placid and still waters of a lake, a long tree branch reaching out into the water. Abstract paintings can be busy and hectic, but ones that use thick lines and muted colors that are void of busy patterns aid in creating a peaceful setting. “Noon I” by Caroline Gold is an abstract painting that does just that. With a soft and muted color palette in hues of sage green, tan, and a light aqua, this painting has a calming affect that sets the mind at ease.

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