Best Office Art for Employee Break Rooms and Staff Cafeterias


Is your employee lunch or break room looking a little dreary? Has it gotten so bad that the staff prefer to sip coffee at their desks instead of having to remain in the cafeteria even a minute longer?  If so, attack the problem by giving the break room a fresh coat of paint, new window treatments and walls full of office art.

Everyone’s Laid-Back and Loving It

The employee break room or staff cafeteria is one place in an office building where a relaxed vibe is welcome. The place where workers can enjoy their lunch or a quick cup of coffee to take a break from a stressful work day. We’d suggest choosing prints that remind people of communal eating without focusing on cultural or gender differences. Another decor rout you can go is motivational art to get workers back in a focused and refreshed mindset.

Make a Statement with Realistic Photos of Cutlery

Artist Mike Feeley has three prints that would fit into relaxed but neutral break room settings. They are titled, ForksKnives and Spoons. They are photographs of actual silverware superimposed on to solid black backgrounds. Therefore, they could be placed inside of plain silver or black frames and positioned around a Pela Studio print like Self Cleaning Kitchen. The studio print we mentioned also features a black background. However, it includes an image of stainless steel cookware and a friendly reminder to keep the area clean. The same studio also has other kitchen art in their collection that has a considerable amount of color should you want to go that way. The series is called Kitchen It! These artworks will give the office break room a relaxed feeling where people will want to eat and ease their mind from work.

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Brighten Moods with Splashes of Culinary Colors

There are presently at least five prints in the Kitchen It! Series with the same title. They include multiple images of kettles, roasting pots, coffee cups, salt shakers and other items. The color palate is composed of cool greens, warm reds, attractive blues and yellows. So they would look fetching outlined with gold frames and assorted matting.

The finish that you choose for break room art is very important. This decor is one that will probably get coffee or pasta sauce splashes on it. Or even collect dust. Because this is in a place where people eat and drink, it will have to be kept safe. The best finishes to protect from water damages or liquids (including sauces and coffee) is a frame or laminate finish. Frame and laminate finishes also ensure that the print will last longer because it has an extra form of protection.

Find more art for your business kitchen here!

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