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Are you looking to decorate your office with modern art but are not sure where to begin? Let’s begin with some basics. Modern art, also known as modernism, was created in the late 1860’s through the late 1970’s. It refers to artistic expressions that celebrate the change brought about by the advancement of technology. No longer are artists constrained by certain traditional styles and expressions; rather, they strive to look at the world in innovative ways. Modern art is a pretty broad term and encompasses a wide variety of artistic genres. Modern artists typically portray the world as it exists, according to the artist’s perspectives.

How then do you decorate with modern art? Here are some ideas:


A Striking Piece

A cleverly chosen single piece of art can set the whole room off. You don’t need a series of modern art to make a statement. Choose one striking piece of modern art and if it is the right piece, you’ve hit a home run. Pick a piece from your favorite artist or choose one that convey a theme, set the mood or evoke an effect. Another way to find artwork that will work well in a room is to find art that has the same colors as accessories in the room or complimentry colors of the accessories in the room. From Caroline Gold’s mood-evoking pieces to Silvia Vassileva’s bold use of colors, a single piece of tastefully chosen art can do wonder for the décor of your office.


Engages the Eyes and Mind

Don’t just choose art that looks okay, choose art that goes beyond what you see. You want art that engages the eyes, mind and even the soul. Pieces that will make you wonder and will make you think. Modern art is one of the many styles of art that does that well. For instance, Picasso’s abstract work or Jackson Pollock’s whimsical use of colors engage the eyes and mind. They transport you to a world where colors play and lines flow in mysterious ways. These kinds of pieces may go better in a home office rather than a business office because they help you relax a little more.


Interesting Forms and Expressions

Modern art is all about interesting forms and expressions. Colors, lines and textures take on new meaning and they work together to bring fresh perspectives. Consider the glorious works of Dider Lourenco or Megan Duncanson to give your decorating space a breath of fresh life.


Perennially Fresh

Still life or nature is perennially stylish and timeless. A flower, a basket of fruits or an autumn landscape take on interesting dimensions when undertaken with a modern perspective. Browse through Georgia O’ Keefe’s lucid still-life compositions or Marti Bofarull’s creative renditions of landscapes to find your perfect match.

Modern art has much to offer and offer you many ideas to transform your office or home.

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