Be Discriminating when Selecting Office Art


There are a few hard rules that apply to office art as opposed to art for the home.  It is a must for displayed art, in the office, to appear as pleasing to different cultures, religions and age groups.  This is not to say that landscapes of a traditional tone are necessary, but always discriminating to the sector of visitors and employees that your office entertains.  Here are a few suggestions for adding pleasing wall scenes to reception areas, hallways and individual offices.

Motivational Wall Hangings

Remind employees what the overall goal in the workplace is.  By providing a convincing scene of teamwork, challenge, or quality to an area, a subtle motivational hint is always in front of them.  For example, Challenge displays a sepia tone of a long winding road, set in the midst of dried grasses, but held under brilliant sun-scattered clouds.  The path appears long, but the intrigue of the journey delivers a challenge that is hard to resist.

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Famous Artists

Claude Monet and Robert Holman are well-known for bringing a soothing picture of warmth and beauty.  Many popular prints use water as a focus on the wonders of the earth and create a soothing mode of aesthetic beauty.  Use in reception areas, restrooms, or break rooms where everyone can share in the caressing scenes.

Home Offices

Home offices allow for a more personal touch of displayed prints.  Without the traffic of the public, self-interest art is often motivating to the owner.  Italian art, Impressionism or Abstract art is not for everyone, but you are the one that needs to benefit from the feeling of a favorite painting.  Perhaps photographs of horses or dogs give you an uplifting look toward life.  Wild Heart by Tony Stromberg is a personal favorite of horse lovers.

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