Add Zen to Your Decor with Asian Art


The elements of Zen created thousands of years ago, emphasize the value of intuition and meditation. They understood that the depth of life was more important than seeking materialism of the world. Meditation is a practice that causes you to engage and reflect within yourself. Thousands of Westerners are turning to Zen and the act of meditation for relief and peace. Perhaps this is because the fast pace of the world today, or the sense of being unhappy with one’s inner soul. Asian art interacts with a growing self-awareness program. With the calming colors and earth related images, it helps with relaxation. If you are considering ways of decorating, consider Zen by decorating with Asian art.


Tranquility is the state of being calm, peaceful and disturbance free. Due to it helping people focus, tranquil art is ideal for office environments. The home and work offices, kitchen, break room, bathroom and more are business rooms that are often visited by workers.  Use these Asian art prints that include browns, greens or beige colors. Using these colors in office decor will signify the natural presence of the outdoor elements.  Walls colored a warm bisque or almond makes a perfect backdrop for brown, green, ivory and other earth toned art for accent. These colors with compliment the room as well as add a tranquil feel.


Tips for Zen Projects

The first tip for decorating with Zen art is to never clutter a room with too much small paraphernalia. This forces the eyes to dart around. Having a central, powerful image will make a statement rather than compete to for people to notice it. This can also take away from the tranquil feel that the Asian art is trying to supply. Too many images can make a room feel cluttered rather than relaxing.

Make sure you use wood, metal and stone to provide texture and depth in creating a Zen-like atmosphere. Simple wooden tables, and lamps that have a metal or stone base, are a good place to start. When choosing art, choose pieces that are more textured and add a simple frame. Or, choose a simple relaxing art print and add a textured wooden frame to make the piece pop.

Adding more than art like a tall corner plant will not only provide a touch of color, but will clean the particles from the air. One or two Zen-related pictures of proportionate size on a bare wall can bring together all the elements of your new design. A simple display of peaceful scenes or soothing words, will give an aesthetic feel to your new creation.

Sit back and think of how you can make your own area of tranquility in your office.  Your new room of peace and purity will give you the right atmosphere for meditation and serenity.

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