How to Choose Office Art: Tips and Ideas


It’s time to decorate your office. Perhaps it’s a brand new space you’ve just moved into. Or perhaps you’ve been there a while but weren’t sure where to start with decor. In either case, adding office art is a great way to make a work space feel more comfortable, appealing, and encouraging.

Here are some tips and ideas to selecting the best office art for your work space.

Choose a Theme
One method to selecting office art is to choose a theme. The theme could be a particular color or set of colors, artworks from one artist or art history era, or a display of local landscapes and foliage.

Another great theme is to come up with art images that complement your field of employment — typewriters and notebooks for journalists, nature scenes for a park ranger, or famous buildings and cityscapes for an architect. In choosing a theme, also be careful to avoid controversial images that may not be suitable for all guests who may visit your space (i.e. nudity, war, etc.)

Choose a Color
Hospitals, restaurants, and many other businesses have done extensive research on color theory to set the tone for their work spaces. For example, hospitals often select art and wall colors in hues of lavender, sky blue, and grass green because these colors have been shown to have a calming effect of patients and their visitors.

Alternatively, if you want your office to encourage a fast paced response so you can get the most work done during your time there, you may prefer a color theme of bright yellow, orange, and/or red. For a more corporate atmosphere, select a monotone palette of grays and blues.

Mix It Up
If you have a large enough office, don’t be afraid to mix up the decor a bit. Include some framed poetry, graphic designs, company logos, newspaper clippings and more alongside your favorite art pieces. Choose similar frame styles to help all the pieces appear to belong together.

Or, if you prefer to only use visual art as decor, try to include a variety of media — photography, prints, original paintings, mixed media collages, and textiles. The variance in texture and finish among these different media give a dynamic feel to the collection.
What methods have you used to select your office art?

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