Bring Joy to Homes and Businesses with Santa Holiday Art


Babbo Natale, Kanakaloka, Papai Noel, Shengdan Laoren and Chimney John are all names used to describe one jolly, gift giving guy. Yes, we are talking about the iconic Santa Claus. Each year, many people around the globe decorate their homes and businesses with his image. If you want to join them this year, we’ve got Santa holiday art collections that are sure to please. Here’s a rundown on a small sleigh full of them:

Santa Holiday Art Collection #1: Peggy Abrams

Do you adore the old world looking images of Kris Kringle? Then you may want to surround yourself this holiday season with the work of artist Peggy Abrams. Over the years, she has produced a vast amount of Santa prints in that particular style. She has also created a series of angels and snowmen that could be paired with them as well.

Santa Holiday Art Collection #2: Susan Comish

If you prefer an updated but still classic image of Mr. Claus, Susan Comish’s holiday art collection may be more to your liking. Three great examples of her seasonal artwork include Christmas Eve WonderShh Santa and Santa in Chimney. Each one features the jolly icon in a colorful, traditional pose.

Santa Holiday Art Collection #3: Jack Sorenson

Not one for traditional Babbo Natale scenes? Well then, give western artist Jack Sorenson’s framed art a try. He has several that feature non-traditional images of Father Christmas. Among the more popular areCowboy ChristmasHere Comes Santa and the Horse Whittler. In each one, Santa is depicted as being quite at home on the range.

Santa Holiday Art Collection #4: Jill Ankrom

Another artist’s work to consider is Jill Ankrom. Ankrom’s framed holiday prints feature sayings along with contemporary images that resemble greeting cards. As such, you may want to create a display with your family’s holiday cards and Ankrom’s prints. Titles to consider are JollyHo Ho HoThe Gift GiverMerryand Joyful Friends.

Santa Holiday Art Collection #5: Susan Allison

Last on our list is artist Susan Allison. She has a series of Santa prints that have an almost dreamlike appearance to them. So they would look nice hanging near the fireplace or in a hallway leading to a child’s bedroom. Framed art prints to look for in her collection include Dear SantaChristmas Night,Winter Wonderland and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

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