Animal Art: Great Prints for Fly Fishing Enthusiasts’ Homes or Offices


AWAAQAHQ-C71039-8CAAAMA Fall Fly fishing season is in full swing now, which around here brings one thing to mind, animal art. Believe it or not, there is actually quite a large assortment of fishing themed prints available. Let’s look at artist John Ward’s animal art first. In our opinion, it’s perfect for a fly fishing enthusiasts’ fly tying room, trophy area or den.

Ward is primarily known for his paintings of farm animals and dogs. However, he has also created a handful of fishing art. Two that we can’t fail to mention are titled Bait & Tackle and Brook Trout. The first print depicts fly fishing anglers’ tools of the trade. The latter print features what most anglers are after every time they hit the streams, a beautiful trout. They are actually part of a short series that includes a representation of a trout taking an angler’s bait. As such, Ward’s animal art would certainly look good hanging up alongside of shadow boxes filled with homemade ties.

Artist Robert Settle also has a pair of animal art prints that would mesh well with fly fishing memorabilia. One’s titled, Large Mouth, and the other’s called, Muskie. They each feature ink drawings of fish and anglers as well as text about fishing for the different species. Personally, we think that they could be paired with Pretre’s 5-piece series of freshwater fish prints as well. Every print in the series features ink drawings of three freshwater fish that avid fly fishing enthusiasts will certainly recognize immediately.

AWAAQAHQ-R437290-YEDYAHJDM4Ink drawings and paintings of fish are not the only decorating options available. Fly fishing fans could also choose artist W.H. Hinton’s rendition of a sporting magazine’s cover. It features fish going after an angler’s flies. In our experience, it has a retro feel that would fit right in with artist Dee Dee’s representations of lure and tackle commercial art. Titles that would clearly look great next to Hinton’s print are Yellow Wobbler, Blue River and Champs Handcrafted Lures & Tackle.

To check out more fly fishing related prints and other animal art that would look smart hanging up in an outdoor enthusiast’s office or home, please contact us.

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