Decorating Your Home Office with the Best in Modern Art


Whether you’re already a fan of the bold and unique perspective expressed by modern art, or just want a fresh new piece to add character to your current decor, adding this worthy asset to your decorative toolkit is an excellent way
to upgrade your visual landscape.

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A Touch of the Abstract

Many works of the modern art movement are characterized by their abstract approach to expression. These fascinating works were a breath of fresh air in a time when a more narrative approach to painting dominated the art arena, and they can be just as valuable to your living room as they were to art culture. The right piece of modern abstract art speaks of both emotional freedom and worldly sophistication, and can work its magic in both modern and traditional environments. The breathtaking Composition VI by Wassily Kandinsky would fit wonderfully in a modern setting with sharp, cold colors, but would match up just as perfectly with a more vibrant and classical atmosphere.

It’s All about Color

When choosing modern art to decorate your home or business, make sure you take the time to decide what color or colors would best accent your current decor. To fully utilize your new painting, you may want to match colors in your art with other colors in the room. A modern living room with cream colored walls and light brown furniture would be a great spot for artwork that incorporates both light and dark shades of brown. This draws attention to the art and allows it to flow with its surroundings. The more abstract works of modern art boast some awesome color combos that can really set the tone in an area.

Another great way to make a bold statement in a room with more neutral hues is to pick a vibrant and energetic color for your piece and match it with smaller items like end tables or throw pillows. This creates a sharp, modern look that has a huge impact on the personality of your space.

Pick Your Favorite Style

Modern art is a category that contains many unique themes and styles. When using art from this period, you will want to choose one or two distinct moods or topics to keep your space from becoming too disconnected. If you really enjoy the work of a specific artist, use their art to create a theme that ties everything together, or choose a more obvious connection like beautiful natural landscapes or still life paintings of colorful floral arrangements. You can also create a unique flow in the room by sticking with a more specific movement in the modern art period. Cubism is perfect for this, as many cubist art pieces mix effortlessly with one another.

Keep It Fresh

Modern art is filled with emotional depth and the power of new ideas. This magnificent art period produced influential new ways of thinking about art and the world, and you can embrace this new outlook by using modern art to complement your current decorative scheme. Whether you are upgrading your office with a fresh new look to impress your guests or adding another piece of fine art to your home collection, this era of art is bound to have something you will love.

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