Three Types of Art That Can Have a Positive Affect on Your Business


It has long been proven that different colors can affect how people feel and react within a space. But what about paintings? Based off of studies, the three most prominent types of art displayed in business venues are landscape art, pop art, and abstract art. Here are some ways that these three types of art can change peoples’ perceptions and attitudes in a place of business.

Landscape Art

Too Much To Ask by William Vanscoy

Landscape art is generally placed into two main categories; urban and natural landscapes. Although there are many subcategories within these types of art, these are the two most popular.


According to several studies, it has been proven that urban landscapes can sometimes have negative impacts on viewers within a business, by reminding them of their lives outside of the business. Urban landscapes generally incited feelings of anxiety and worry within their viewers.


However, natural landscape art had the opposite effect. Viewers that viewed natural landscapes within a business setting were reported to have short-term recovery from stress or fatigue, faster physical recovery from ailments, and a greater general sense of well-being.

Pop Art

Abraham Lincoln: Honesty, Freedom, Equality

Pop art is infamous for its portrayal of cultural icons and bright, emotive colors. Although many businesses tend to veer away from pop art images within their waiting areas and offices, new studies connecting art and how it affects mood are actually promoting this form of art within business settings.


For many viewers, the color used in the paintings evoke a variety of emotions, including nostalgia, patience, and comfort. Due to the cultural icons available in this art category, the presence of pop art in a space gives the viewer a sense of familiarity and assures them that the business has one eye on the past while moving toward the future.

Abstract Art

Big City I by Randy Hibberd

Abstract art is almost entirely about how color affects the viewers’ mood. Abstract art takes away objects but stirs human instinct and emotion. This artistic style lends itself exceedingly well to businesses due to the lack of recognizable objects and the direct influence it has on the customer. However, different kinds of abstract art will affect people in different ways.


For example, abstract art that uses warm color schemes such as orange, yellow, red, and dark browns have been shown to add energy and promote faster critical thinking skills—traits which are perfect for a busy office setting. On the other hand, cooler colors like blue, green, purple, and light brown are ideal for waiting rooms and reception areas due to their ability to make the viewer feel calm and lower anxiety.


When considering what type of art is needed within a business, it’s important to not only think of what color scheme is needed, but also what the image is saying, or not saying, to the customer. Communication through art has its roots in ancient history and affects humans in a primitive way. So, what does your art say about your business?

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