Spring Themed Art in Every Style!


Have you tired of the cold weather yet? If so, you are most assuredly not alone. The good news is warm weather will eventually arrive and defrost us all. And in the meantime, you can always decorate with Springtime Art.

Ellie Freudenstein

 Morning Bloom by Ellie Freudenstein When it comes to springtime art, Californian Ellie Freudenstein is definitely one woman to put onto your radar. Her work features gorgeous colors and has been on display in museums throughout the Golden State. Titles to look for are Spring Days, Morning Bloom and Spring Trails.

Montserrat Masdeu

 Paris Flower Market II by Montserrat Masdeu If a Mediterranean, springtime feel is what you’re after, Spaniard Montserrat Masdeu’s artwork is sure to please. Born in Barcelona, many of her paintings feature window flower boxes, floral adorned arches, market scenes and garden paths. Spring Flower Market is a popular piece for hotel rooms and common areas.  Golden Villa and Summer Villa are a great pair for kitchen and dining areas.

Philip Craig

 Vineyard Afternoon by Philip Craig

Canadian artist Philip Craig is another master at capturing Mediterranean landscapes. Although any one of them would look stunning on display, there are several pieces of springtime art that are exceptional. His Spring Orchard piece is one of them. Viewing it will surely transport your mind to a fragrant, lovely place while adding vibrant color to any room.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

 Boating on the Seine by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Do you prefer the work of old world, French masters instead? If so, famed artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s springtime art may be to your liking. His collection features floral still life paintings as well as landscapes. Paintings that would be perfect for celebrating spring’s arrival are Picking Flowers and Spring Bouquet.

Thelma Leaney Butler

 Entrance to a Park by Thelma leaney Butler

Finally, British artist Thelma Leaney Butler’s springtime art should also be considered. Known for her English countryside landscapes, she has a way of incorporating delicate flowers into many of her paintings. As such, her paintings could easily be grouped together. Springtime pieces to consider are The Conversation and  Promenade of Flowers.

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