Winter Landscape Collections for Sophisticated Holiday Decor


Now that the snowy weather is upon us, why not deck the halls with prints featuring winter landscapes?  Not all holiday decorating has to be Santa and Snowmen, winter landscapes bring the beauty of the winter outdoors in, but without the cold temperatures.

Winter Landscape Art Collection #1: Bill Breedon

 Season of Peace by Bill Breedon

Are you a fan of early Americana and scenes of pastoral bliss? If so, watercolor artist Bill Breedon is one man to put onto your radar. His paintings of idyllic winter landscapes are tailor made for decking the halls. This is especially the case with the prints that feature a horse drawn sleigh. You’ll be hard-pressed not to at least hum a few bars of Jingle Bells every time you pass by one. Sleigh themed prints to look for include Sleigh Bells, Sleigh Bells Too, O’er the Hills We Go, Back Home Again and Twilight Glow.

Winter Landscape Art Collection #2: John Rossini

 December Glow by John Rossini

Another artist known for painting wintry countryside scenes is John Rossini. His prints have a distinctive New England feel to them. As such, they would pair well with traditional holiday decorations and candles. Pieces from Rossini’s collection to consider bringing into your home or business include December Glow, February Night, Bringing Home the Tree, Nor’easter and Winter’s Reflections.

Winter Landscape Art Collection #3: Peter Sculthorpe

 Moon Over Hillendale by Peter Sculthorpe

While we are on the subject of country scenes, artist Peter Sculthorpe is worthy of attention as well. He has a multitude of seasonal prints that feature Pennsylvania’s charming farms, horses and homes. They would pair well with classic decorations like evergreen boughs, wreaths and Yule logs too. His prints of note include Buckskin, Buckboard, Moon Over Hillendale, Melon Basket and The Woodsman.

Winter Landscape Art Collection #4: Camille Pissarro

 Chestnut Trees at Louveciennes, c.1871-2 by Camille Pissarro

Do you prefer to surround your family with pictures of snow laden cityscapes instead of farmland? Then Dutch West Indies born artist Camille Pissarro’s body of work is sure to please. Several of his paintings feature scenes from France. Prints that may appeal to your sensibilities are The Avenue de L’Opera, Paris Sunlight Winter Morning and the Chestnut Trees at Louveciennes.

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