Christopher Bliss Photography


Bow Bridge 2010 by Christopher Bliss

Christopher Bliss’s photography is a great addition to any decor style. Growing up in the beautiful city of New York, Bliss’s work reflects the architecture and skylines he grew up with. His work is mostly in black and white making his photography able to work with most decor. The architecture and contrast of the photographs are striking and subtle allowing them to work in any environment. Architecture photographs are able to play off the light in any room, naturally or artificial lit.

You have your choice of scenery in color or black and white and of architecture or nature, and even your choice of city. From a bedroom sanctuary to the busy kitchen, his work can fit right in. If you adore the city or nature, he has art to suit your home. Christopher Bliss finds inspiration in the invigorating city, and you can too with his photographs.

Originally trained as a concert pianist at the Vienna Academy of Music, the Manhattan School of Music, and the University of Southern California, and now turned photographer, Christopher Bliss’s art is truly beautiful. Christopher Bliss photography reflects this as the photographs are as detailed as a piece of beautiful music.

His photography is held in high esteem and he is often sought after. His work can be found in several galleries and even in two separate photography books, one of which is on the beautiful New York City. Some of his work is even in the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York.

Much of the Christopher Bliss photography offered by Lieberman’s is available in custom sizing upon request.  If you need a size that you don’t see listed, just ask.

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