Featured Artist: Maeve Harris


Jetty I by Maeve Harris

If you are a fan of abstract paintings or shows like Celebrity Apprentice, there is a good chance that you’ve at least heard of artist Maeve Harris. For those that have not heard of her, please allow us to make the introduction. She is a versatile, Seattle-based phenomenon that’s known for her intuitive use of organic forms and blending techniques. In addition, she tends to incorporate elements of photos, literature and history into her work.

Maeve Harris’ Florentina Series is a prime example of her brilliant use of brush strokes to create the illusion of movement. In both Florentina I and Florentina II, she blends whites, yellows and browns to create two distinct, abstract focal points. Because of their abstract nature and coloring, the paintings could very easily be used in a variety of settings.

Understandably, Maeve Harris does not restrict her color palette to the ones found in the Florentina Series and she’s broadened her style in more recent pieces as well.  The Jetty Series would be ideal for use in beach homes or areas ripe with cool tones. Each abstract painting in the series incorporates white and off white colors, as well as bright blues and greens. As such, both paintings would look wonderful paired with natural items like pressed seaweed, sand sculptures, bowls of beach glass and driftwood fragments.

No discussion of artist Maeve Harris’ work would be complete without a mention of her floral paintings. She has several collections that focus on flowers. Among the flowers highlighted in the various collections are marguerites, orchids, chiaroscuros and roses. Colors used in Harris’ floral paintings vary greatly. Therefore, it is easy to find one that will fit in with most design schemes.

You can view the full collection of Maeve Harris artwork that we have available at http://www.liebermans.net/showartist.aspx?id=29269.  Most images are available on canvas as well as paper, and custom printing is available to get exactly the size you need.

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