Decorating with Fall Landscapes


When it comes to natural born artists, you can’t beat Mother Nature. Each fall she wraps portions of the world in vibrant hues that mesmerize the eye and stir the soul. Unfortunately, as hard-working humans, we can’t spend every waking moment outside enjoying her artistry. The good news is there are other artists that have captured her glory and turned it beautiful artwork that captures the colors of the fall season. As a result, we can at least decorate our homes and businesses with reminders of autumn’s glory.

Here’s a sampling of some favorite fall landscapes available at Lieberman’s:

Fall Landscapes Collection #1: Marty Hulsebos

Bass Lake IIIf you love autumn colors and the elegance of fine art prints, you’ll adore artist Marty Hulsebos’ Bass Lake Series. It features two 27” x 30” prints, Bass Lake in Autumn I and Bass Lake in Autumn II. Collectively, they show the progression of fall. The first print focuses on a lake scene where the leaves are just starting to change. The second print, on the other hand, is literally bursting with a barrage of seasonal colors and swirling leaves. Consider hanging them over a glass bowl filled with natural pine cones, acorns and fall foliage.

Fall Landscapes Collection #2: Donna Geissler

Autumn Mist II

Keeping with the autumn landscape prints theme, you may want to check out artist Donna Geissler’s Autumn Mist Series too. Unlike Hulsebos’ prints, Geissler’s series focuses on the forest. There are two autumn woodland pictures in the series.  Both images seemingly focus on the same track of land, only from different angles. Prominent colors in the photos are shades of orange, red, brown, green, yellow and black.

Fall Landscapes Collection #3: Marla Baggetta

A Gentle Light

Do you prefer the look of a painting as opposed to a photo? Then Marla Baggetta’s various fall landscapes may be more suitable for your home or business’ décor. Her artwork is a hodgepodge of country scenes that shows the different stages of autumn. If you want to infuse your décor with shades of orange, consider purchasing Orange Haven or Autumn View II. However, if you are more a fan of yellows and browns, her paintings Melody of Autumn, Fall Serenade and A Gentle Light would make better selections.  Whichever colors you prefer, Baggetta’s artwork is great for hospitality venues of all kinds as it appeals to many different audiences.

View these and many more autumn Landscapes at

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