New Filtering Feature on


One of the great things about Lieberman’s is the large selection of art that we have to offer our customers, all available on one convenient website.  The downside to that is trying to find exactly what your customer needs quickly when there’s so much to choose from on the site.  Because we know your time is valuable, we’ve recently added a filtering option to our website that will help you find what you need in our vast collection of art faster than ever.  You can still search by artist, title or art category, but once you’re there, you can further narrow your results to art of a particular size, shape or color.

When you have a customer that knows exactly what they’re looking for, you no longer have to browse through thousands of images to find just the ones that would meet their needs.  This example shows how filtering can be applied to our floral category and greatly reduce the number of results that are shown for a customer that is looking for a large, square and blue image.  You can use the filtering to select all of those criteria, and show the customer only the prints that exactly meet their request in seconds.

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