Website changes and new products available at Lieberman’s


Lieberman’s business started with a stack of posters in the trunk of a car over 30 years ago, and we’ve been serving the art and framing industry ever since.  As the times have changed over the years, we’ve changed with them, and we are now proud to offer a variety of products and services that fully meet the needs of today’s wholesale art customers.  Lieberman’s supplies not only the best quality in framed art, canvas art, prints and posters, but our website and online tools make the task of ordering art easier than ever for you – our valued customers!

If this is not your first visit to our site, you’re probably noticed that things have changed recently.  Not only have we given our website a much needed face lift, but we’re now including some of our most in demand products; framed and canvas art that’s easy to order and ready to hang.  For our interior design and decorator customers interested in purchasing a finished product, we now offer almost everything that we sell either framed or on canvas, and with our easy online tools, choosing the perfect frame is easier than ever.  And if you’re in a pinch for time, our Ready to Hang section offers a great selection of art that’s just a click away from your cart.

For our frame shop customers, we still sell all the prints and posters that you need, and we’re working harder than ever to increase our print and poster offerings to keep up with current trends and demands– still with no minimum and one freight charge.  While we know some of you have been wanting to have finished framed and canvas products for years, some of you are going to want to do that yourselves and our commitment to you as print customers has not changed.  You and your customers can browse our site knowing that we won’t show any custom framing or canvas prices until you are logged into your account.  We still won’t sell to your customers directly, and we won’t show them any pricing that would potentially compete with yours.  You can even use our tools to demo products, and then build and sell them in house like you’ve always done.  And don’t forget, we still have the website that displays only prints and posters if that better suits your needs.

The new Lieberman’s Project Manager tool is a great way for all of our customers to stay organized.  If you’re familiar with using a wish list in online shopping, this is very similar, but with additional features specifically for you.  You can add items to a project and hold onto them there until you’re ready to order.  You can make notes for your project, add sidemarks to denote the building, room or floor for each piece of art, and even record the price that you plan to charge your customer.  When you’re ready to present to your customer, you can easily turn your project into a customer presentation that can be emailed or printed for your customer to view.  The Lieberman’s Project Manager means no more cutting and pasting of images into presentations for you!

Lieberman’s has worked hard in recent months to bring you this new site and the new products that you’ve asked for, and we’ll continue to hear and adapt to your changing needs.  We hope you’ll try out the Lieberman’s Project Manager and our new framed art and canvas products and we welcome any feedback that you have to help us better meet your needs going forward.

If you have any questions or comments on our products or services, please give us a call at 800-221-1032!

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