Data Feed Improvements


We are pleased to announce two major improvements to the Data Feed.  First, we have updated our image generation code to produce publisher images that are of much higher quality, and we have updated all of the these images in the Data Feed.  To coincide with this change, we have also released an update to the Data Feed Client that will produce higher quality thumbnail images.  To download the new images, first update your Data Feed Client (be sure to save your existing DFClient.exe.config file!) to the latest version and then run the get:images command.

You can download the latest version of the data feed client at:

Please note: if you have already downloaded these images using the old version of the Data Feed Client and would like to regenerate your thumbnail images once you upgrade to the new version, you can use the -regenallthumbs command (dfclient.exe -regenallthumbs -imagespath:<path>).

Second, we have updated our handling of the IsAvailable field in the Artwork dataset.  The IsAvailable field now takes into account whether or not we have a print in stock when that print is from a publisher that we do not order from on a regular basis.  Previously, many of these prints would have been marked as IsAvailable = 1, even though we did not have any on hand and could not guarantee a quick turnaround time.  To determine if a print was indeed available, you would have had to check the StockReplenishmentOnly field for the publisher of the print, and then if the publisher was stock only you would have had to check to see if the print was in the GetInventoryLevels dataset.  With this change, any item that is from a Stock Only publisher that we do not have at our warehouse will be marked as IsAvailable = 0.  This change should lead to fewer out of stock issues when placing orders.  The IsAvailable field is updated on a daily basis using our latest stock levels, so if you are currently implementing a solution using the GetInventoryLevels dataset, you can keep that solution in place.

At this point, it is recommended that you download the new Data Feed baseline that contains the updates to the IsAvailable field.

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