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New Bus Roll Word Art

February 28, 2013

Word art is a popular way to decorate but it’s becoming increasingly hard to find pieces that are unique from the rest.  Veruca Salt is an upcoming new artist with plenty to say and she’s taken on the challenge of making word art that’s modern and unique.  Whether it be an around the world theme that spans the globe, or a few select pieces that show a sense of heritage or places been, there’s plenty to choose from in this collection of bus roll style art.

And bus rolls aren’t just for global destinations anymore.  For contemporary kitchens, dining rooms and restaurants, there are wine and pasta words in the bus roll style, and the foreign language bus rolls share kind words with anyone and in any setting.

While these pieces look great framed, they were designed with canvas in mind and it’s the best way to show of the retro style of this art.  The images are laid out in a way that ensures the text will stay on the front of the piece with a gallery wrap, and painted sides are available in a variety of colors on our site to add personality and a unique touch to any piece.

We’ve just started publishing Veruca’s works and there are many more to come.  Be sure to check our website for regular updates and additions to this great new line at  and if you have any suggestions or custom request for upcoming pieces, please don’t hesitate to contact us at