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Decorating with Contemporary Landscapes

August 19, 2013


Congratulations! Your massive building or remodeling project has reached the point that you can begin to think about what the rooms will look like on the inside. Whether you’re a professional designer hunting for the perfect images to complete the look you have in mind, or you’re redecorating at the office and are trying to visualize paintings that will complement the company logo color and theme, contemporary landscapes for the home, office or hospitality venues provide the perfect finishing touch.

There are a number of ways that you can go about your search for the perfect landscapes. If your location is particularly well-known for its scenery, purchase landscapes which will speak to that location and complement what people see when they look out the window of the hotel room or office conference suite. For example, a seaside scene in blues and greens would fit in beautifully in Miami or Maui, but would seem out of place in Montana or Minnesota. Mountain slopes covered in snow would invigorate skiers in Vail but probably confuse gamblers in Vegas.

You can also choose your contemporary landscapes based on a color scheme, as we noted above. If your company logo or office is full of warm tones, you might want to choose a lush autumn landscape, filled with trees dressed in bright shades of yellow, orange and red, or a field of poppies in the sun. On the other hand, if your trademark is a bold modern statement in black, you might wish to choose some complementary black and white landscape options.

If you are furnishing a number of rooms, your theme for the rooms as a group can help determine the choices you make. Are you looking to bring peace and calm into meeting rooms where tense negotiations sometimes take place? Or are you looking to infuse hotel rooms with bright, colorful energy to mirror the many activities people will engage in during their stay?

Regardless of what you’re looking for in contemporary landscapes, the perfect image is out there, so browse and enjoy what we have to offer!