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Art For 3 Popular Offices

October 21, 2015

An office space doesn’t have to be drabbed and colorless. An office should cultivate creativity, focus, and a stress free environment, all the more reason for it to pop with colors and artwork that express the mood and feel of the office space. For the modern office, bold and abstract pieces of art convey a contemporary feel. For the old world office, antiqued styled maps make for the perfect conversation piece. A more serene office calls for artwork that evokes a peaceful and stress free atmosphere. (more…)

Office Makeover with Scenic Art

June 22, 2015

Blank white walls or colorless walls can add stress onto the normal work day. If this sounds like your office or cubicle, artwork may help give you a break from the daily stress. If your office seems a little closed off and lifeless, decorate with scenic art. Scenic art brings an open and airy feeling to the space it is hung in. Why scenic art?  Scenic art is inviting and can even identify with your company. It varies from beach art, paths, fields, mountains and more. It is a diverse category that offers many different types of art. There are many things to consider when looking for scenic art to decorate your office space with. A few main ones include your company location and the current season. (more…)

Featured Artist: Diane Romanello

April 19, 2013

Sunset Sail by Diane Romanello

The serene scenes and soothing colors in Diane Romanello’s work make them an ideal choice for many interior settings.  Hospitals, hotels and restaurants are just a few of the venues in which Diane Romanello’s work can add a universally recognized and appreciated art style.  And of course it goes without saying that these works are ideal for the beach houses and beach themed redesigns that many are starting on now.

Working in the romantic realism school, Diane invites the viewer to step right into her paintings with luxurious, soothing color and sumptuous texture. Her luminous landscape oil paintings of beach scenes, landscape paintings, gardens and country retreats merge elements of fantasy with realism, accomplished by the artist’s keen sense of light, texture and composition. She savors the intensity of color and calming energy inherent in nature in all her original oil paintings.

Diane also generously supports charitable organizations through her artwork. She contributed an original oil painting to United Way of Long Island to augment fundraising efforts, as well as donating “Idle Hour” to The McGaw Foundation, a non-profit arts industry endeavor for AIDS prevention, care and cure. In August 2011, Diane donated an original oil painting to the American Cancer Society – Festive in Flip Flops at the Hamptons, Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club.