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Advantages to Decorating with Abstract Art

August 19, 2013

You’ve got the space. You’ve got the colors. You just can’t get everyone to agree on the subject matter. When it comes to art, this is not an unusual occurrence, especially if the area you’re seeking to decorate is a public space. This is where abstract art can be a lifesaving or job-saving solution.

One of the great gifts of abstract art is that the images can speak to many people in different ways. Say you’re redecorating the “Smith and Jones” law office, for example, and Mr. Smith loves bright, seaside watercolors while Ms. Jones prefers art deco posters. It’s going to be pretty difficult—if not impossible—to please them both. One solution would be to choose something like Peaceful Fusion, which could represent a seashore, but also carries the strong lines and color palette of some art deco images. Hopefully both Mr. Smith and Ms. Jones can find something to like in this relatively neutral, but still eye-catching, piece of art.

Abstract art can also cross cultural boundaries, making it an excellent choice for filling hotel rooms which see visitors of many nationalities. By focusing on a fundamental shape theme, such as circles or lines, you can fill room after room with a variety of abstract art images which will evoke something for everyone without being specific about it. One fine example is Sunset Falls II, where the lines could evoke trees, a waterfall, colorful flags, reflections…and probably a dozen other images, depending on the perspective of the viewer.

Abstract art can also be employed to hint at something—like a soft sell—without being too overt about it. If your company manufactures machine parts, an abstract art piece like Momentary would hint at the work you do while not overtly selling it. If you and your beloved met at a special place in the mountains, find a piece of abstract art for your living room which evokes that mood and moment, rather than just a photograph which reproduces it.

The perfect piece of abstract art is out there, waiting to be discovered, so start your browsing today!

Green Art for Spring!

April 19, 2013

Everyone looks forward to spring and the world around us turning green again, and there is a bounty of green themed art for spring decorating this year.  To celebrate Earth Day, you might like some art from our Environmental Awareness collection, and if you just want a natural, earthy feel in your designs, then there is a wide selection of green art available in various shades of Olive, Hunter Green, bright Lime Green and many more.

Morning at the Cove I by Danny Head is a great landscape in many shades of green.

And Warmth II by Volk is a more modern image in green that complements contemporary home decor, as well as offices, waiting rooms and hotel lobbies.

You can browse many more images in popular shades of green at